From November 1 through November 3, roughly forty environmental students and a handful of members of the McGill Outdoors Club spent the weekend at the MOC cabin in Prevost.

It was a fun-filled weekend of exciting rural activities including (but not limited to!)  a scavenger hunt, hiking, polar bear swimming, campfires, and some evening soirées of the greatest kind (plaid and Rubik’s cub themed!).


We started the weekend with a half-hour wait on the bus for Nessa to arrive, and then an hour-long drive out to Prevost.


That night we enjoyed some delicious pasta and card games, as well as some solid environment chills.

The next day involved an invigorating hike up the mountain in Parc des Falaises, followed by pumpkin carving featuring myself!

IMGP3137We warmed up that night with some vegan chili, body bouldering, sock wrestling, and topped it off with a rousing dance party.

Needless to say, even with the extra hour we reaped from the changing of the clocks, everyone was fairly exhausted the next morning. IMGP3326

That wasn’t an issue though, because we had enough bread and peanut butter left over to satiate the desires of even the hungriest university students, and everyone bussed IMGP3527back to school and the real world on a very full stomach.

It was sad to have to leave the MOC cabin, a place with only fun times and no responsibilities, but then again, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


– Per Kraut, VP-External SUS


Let’s get MESSy!

The M.E.S.S-y apartment crawl that took place on October 18th, 2013 was a huge success!

Many environment friends and friends from other departments [*cough* geography! *cough*]  joined our crawl.

We made our way through the McGill Ghetto to four different apartments, making many new friends along the way.

Games were played, beers were had, and interesting conversations took place, and the 194 beers that were ordered were finished by the time we reached our third stop.

The event was an overall success with a great turnout!

Thanks to everyone who came out :)

— Lettitia Lai, VP Events

NB: there exists no photographic evidence of the festivities [and perhaps that’s a good thing ;]

Curling – February 9th, 2013

On Saturday February 9th, the McGill School of Environment teamed up with the Department of Geography to take part in the 3rd annual EcoSpiel, a curling event organized by Kathy and Nigel Roulet at the Baie d’Urfé Curling Club near the MacDonald Campus. Environment and Geography students and professors split into teams and for many, this was their first time curling. Unfortunately, Environment lost this year and had to give up the cup to Geography… nonetheless we had a great afternoon time, followed by pizza and beer for the loosing teams! Thanks to all who participated in this tradition. Beware Geography, Environment plans to win back the cup in 2014!

– Flaam Hardy, U4

46953_401577796545367_2025013820_n 71802_401578489878631_1775941384_n

Ski Trip – January 25th-27th, 2013

At dusk on January 25th, loaded with sleeping bags, suitcases, ski gear, food and alcohol, MESS students braved the cold to reach the yellow school bus in front of the Roddick Gates that would take them to Sutton for what would turn out to be an awesome weekend. After 10 minutes, the bus came to a stop in the infamous Montreal-South shore traffic, which only extended our anticipation. The cabin, with two floors and a mezzanine, became lively from the very moment of our arrival to the end of the trip. Group cooking and eating, card games, sock-wrestling, scavenger hunts, chatting in the hot-tub, body bouldering* and miscellaneous “party games” took place until the early hours of the morning on both Friday and Saturday night. Yet everyone got up bright and early to enjoy two sunny days of skiing and snowboarding. With over 50 open trails, the station offered an opportunity for skiers and snowboarders of all levels to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of gliding downhill surrounded by friends (and trees). The trip felt light-years away from Montreal and the rest of the world.. a feeling that will surely be renewed during next year’s ski trip.

*The “climber” starts from a position usually known as piggyback posture on the “climbed individual” (CI). He or she then crawls around the CI along a sagittal plane to come back to the initial position without help from the floor nor the CI.

– Mathis Messager, U2


Snowshoeing – January 18th, 2013

On January 18, about 15 MSE students braved possibly the coldest night in Montreal to have a wonderful two hours snowshoeing on Mont Royal. We met at the Smith House at 6pm, strapped on a pair of snowshoes. Our very own MSE graduate, Emily Coffey (our Co-VP Outreach, fall) was our incredibly fun and enthusiastic Les Amis de la Montagne guide, we discovered an entirely different side of our beloved forest on the mountain. We shared stories, hot chocolate, and a romantic night view of the city in this illuminating way to discover our city.

– Harriet Kim, U3


Brutopia Bar Night – January 17th, 2013

We are aware of how our professors and students span so many faculties and domains; it is difficult to create a venue and space for the MSE community to come together. In the effort to help provide these opportunities, and hopefully help in creating more of a sense of community within the MSE, some of our students had a casual meeting with George McCourt, Kathy Roulet, and Nigel Roulet  over a beer on January 17th between 4:30 and 6:30 at Brutopia.

– Harriet Kim, U3

Meet the Profs Wine & Cheese – November 16th 2012

On Thursday, November 16th, MESS hosted its second Meet the Profs/Wine and Cheese. Environment students filled ARTS 160 to listen to Professors Frederic Fabry, Christopher Barrington-Leigh, Nicolas Kosoy, Peter Brown, Katia Opalka, Brian Leung, Ismael Vaccaro, Marilyn Scott, Raja Sengupta, George McCourt, and Renee Sieber introduce themselves and presented their research and interests within two minutes. Students and professors had the opportunity to mingle over wine, cheese, grapes, and home-made hummus to discuss the work professors were doing in greater detail and get to know them better outside of the classroom.  There was a great turnout of both students and professors who participated in this event and helped contribute to building community within the MSE.

– Harriet Kim, U3

wine and cheese photo

Movie Screening – November 11, 2012

Those of us who showed up early at the Plant were able to witness the massive pot of chilli that was being prepared for our dinner. This was teamwork at its best. However, the cornmeal muffins, kale chips, and delicious chilli were quickly consumed, and it was time to watch the movie. In Transition 1.0 highlights communities and towns in the Transition Network who have committed to reducing their impact on the environment by decreasing their consumption of fossil fuels and becoming locally resilient. Understandably, most projects’ first steps revolve around food production – we’re not the only ones to love food! What a wonderful evening with good company and conversation!

Do-It-Yourself Workshop – November 6, 2012

Did you know that in a lifetime, the average North American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage? In an attempt to bring further awareness to the issue of excessive waste in our society, MESS collaborated with Greening McGill for the Do-It-Yourself workshop in preparation for their Zero-Waste Week. The Zero-Waste week initiative is a 7-day challenge to eliminate waste in your daily life to develop new and more sustainable habits in the long run. As a complement to the Food and Waste workshops, the Do-It-Yourself workshop gave tips for making your own house cleaning products (toothpaste, laundry detergent, liquid soap, deodorant) to reduce packaging and chemical waste in the environment. Thanks to all those who participated! We hope the workshop was useful for your Zero-Waste challenge.

To get involved with Greening McGill, check out their Facebook page.

– Flaam Hardy, U3

Potluck Dinner Party – October 13, 2012

An impromptu pot-luck dinner party with the theme of hippies and lumberjacks? Why not! After we had to cancel our weekend trip to the McGill Outdoors Club (MOC) house, we decided to host this gathering to console those (like us) who had been looking forward to this weekend getaway for months. The unbelievably delicious dishes (we went back for seconds… and then thirds…) combined some very good company was all it took for us to forget our midterm and camping trip woes! A lovely evening.

– Emily Coffey, U4