MESS Executive Council 2015-16


The 2015-2016 MESS Executive Council is comprised of 12 undergraduate students from various educational paths and backgrounds all motivated to serve the needs of the McGill School of Environment and its community. I addition to representatives for AUS, SUS, and BASiC, this year we have added a SSMU representative as a new position on council and expect it to further enhance the overall presence of environment students throughout the university. This year’s executive council is taking on many ambitious goals in the hopes of leaving behind lasting changes for all environment students.

I am Elisabeth Pusin and I will be serving as one of your Co-Presidents this year for MESS. I am a U2 student in in the Biodiversity and Conservation Domain with a minor in Communication Studies. We have assembled a great group of students for this year’s MESS Council and I am looking forward to seeing you at our events!

My name is Elliot and I am a U3 student studying the Ecological Determinants of Health Arts Program. I am greatly interested in how the built environment affects human health through the lens of physiology and society. I am eager to bring my previous experience as VP Finance of MESS to a leadership role to this year’s council as Co-President

Hi! I’m Megan Zimba, and entering my U2 year of study in the Land Surface Processes and Environmental Change domain of and a minor in Spanish. My role on this years MESS council is as VP Outreach, and my primary responsibility is to create and send out LISTSERVs regularly to keep the entire MSE community updated on the news and events happening inside and outside council.

Hey everyone! I’m Andrew Stein, the VP External for Macdonald Campus for the 2015-2016 MESS Council. I am entering my U3 year of study in the Land Surfaces and Environmental Change domain. My job is to represent all of the students at Macdonald Campus studying in the School of Environment. This year I plan to foster a stronger connection between the environment students on both of McGill’s campuses!

I’m John Ahluwalia and I have the privilege of serving as the VP of Media and Communications this year. I am a U3 student majoring in environmental science within the physical concentration of the Water Environments and Ecosystems domain with minors in Spanish and International Development Studies. I have high hopes that through the collective action of the MESS Executive Council we can build an active and supportive community among the many students studying environment at McGill.

I’m Melanie Greenwald, the VP External – BASiC for MESS Council. I’m a U2 student studying environment in the faculty of Arts and Science. After I graduate from McGill, I would be interested in pursuing a career within the field of environmental policy. I can’t wait to work with all of you this year! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have!

My name is Mackenzie Webber I’m a U3 B.Sc. Environment student studying the Ecological Determinants of Health- Cellular, and I’m your VP External for SUS! I attend SUS meetings to represent anyone in the Faculty of Science studying Environment so I can voice your thoughts and concerns and let us be heard. I love camping and canoeing, French vanillas, and trying to memorize the first 100 digits of pi! As your VP External I will work hard to make sure you feel proud to be an Environment student at McGill, and come say hey if you have any questions!!

I’m Allegra, a fifth year student in the Economics and Earth’s Environment domain with a particular interest in soil sciences. As VP Academic, my goal is to offer MESS students opportunities to get to know their professors and classmates better in order to facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue. Throughout the year we will be planning Prof Talks and info sessions so students can learn more about research, work opportunities and skills which are useful in our field. I also want to be a resource for any MESS students with questions about their program, their academic rights, or McGill in general.

Hi everyone! My name’s Ben Ger and I’m your VP Finance for MESS this year! I’m a U2 students currently majoring in Environmental Economics with minors in Political Science and Marketing. As VP Finance my duties involve applying for and managing the funds given to us by AUS and SUS, assisting the SUS and AUS in there audit of our school, and assisting students in finding funding. This year should be very exciting with some of the projects we’re budgeting for, such as a study space/library for MESS students, and trying to further MESS student voices at large governing tables such as SSMU council. I’m super pumped to work for you all this year and would love to hear about what you all want to see implemented, changed, or care about in general! If you ever want to get in touch my email is and my phone number is 6479622364. Have a great year!

Hi! I’m Laura Holden and I am the VP Events for the for 2015-2016 MESS Exec council. I am studying Environment within the Faculty of Arts and the Economics and the Earth’s Environment Domain as a U3 student. I am looking forward to having many events this year, from guest lecturers and to Wine and Cheese parties, to peer advising and samosa sales, and everything in between! Let’s have us a great event-filled year MESS!

My name is Michael Adamson and this year I am serving as VP External to the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) on the MESS Executive Council. I will be representing the needs of everyone in the McGill School of Environment within the faculty of Arts at the regularly-held AUS meetings. If you have any questions, requests, or concerns about AUS or MESS don’t be afraid to contact me!

Hey all! My name is Chelsea, I’m your friendly SSMU Council Representative to MESS Council. I’m a third year student pursuing a B.A. in the Environment and Development Domain and a Minor in Applied Ecology on Mac Campus. I’ll be sitting on MESS Council this year to get feedback on motions to be moved by SSMU Council, keeping MESS updated on weekly meetings with SSMU Council and getting fresh ideas for changes to be made around campus. I’m easy to approach and super passionate about bringing together the environment community at McGill. Please say hi if you see me in passing or stop me to talk about any ideas you might have! This is the first year that the MSE has an Environment Representative on SSMU Council, so there is BIG room to get the voices of the MSE heard! If you aren’t sure how to approach me, I suggest breaking the ice by showing me a photo of a dog; it will always be well received. Here’s to a great year!