From November 1 through November 3, roughly forty environmental students and a handful of members of the McGill Outdoors Club spent the weekend at the MOC cabin in Prevost.

It was a fun-filled weekend of exciting rural activities including (but not limited to!)  a scavenger hunt, hiking, polar bear swimming, campfires, and some evening soirées of the greatest kind (plaid and Rubik’s cub themed!).


We started the weekend with a half-hour wait on the bus for Nessa to arrive, and then an hour-long drive out to Prevost.


That night we enjoyed some delicious pasta and card games, as well as some solid environment chills.

The next day involved an invigorating hike up the mountain in Parc des Falaises, followed by pumpkin carving featuring myself!

IMGP3137We warmed up that night with some vegan chili, body bouldering, sock wrestling, and topped it off with a rousing dance party.

Needless to say, even with the extra hour we reaped from the changing of the clocks, everyone was fairly exhausted the next morning. IMGP3326

That wasn’t an issue though, because we had enough bread and peanut butter left over to satiate the desires of even the hungriest university students, and everyone bussed IMGP3527back to school and the real world on a very full stomach.

It was sad to have to leave the MOC cabin, a place with only fun times and no responsibilities, but then again, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


– Per Kraut, VP-External SUS