Ski Trip – January 25th-27th, 2013

At dusk on January 25th, loaded with sleeping bags, suitcases, ski gear, food and alcohol, MESS students braved the cold to reach the yellow school bus in front of the Roddick Gates that would take them to Sutton for what would turn out to be an awesome weekend. After 10 minutes, the bus came to a stop in the infamous Montreal-South shore traffic, which only extended our anticipation. The cabin, with two floors and a mezzanine, became lively from the very moment of our arrival to the end of the trip. Group cooking and eating, card games, sock-wrestling, scavenger hunts, chatting in the hot-tub, body bouldering* and miscellaneous “party games” took place until the early hours of the morning on both Friday and Saturday night. Yet everyone got up bright and early to enjoy two sunny days of skiing and snowboarding. With over 50 open trails, the station offered an opportunity for skiers and snowboarders of all levels to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of gliding downhill surrounded by friends (and trees). The trip felt light-years away from Montreal and the rest of the world.. a feeling that will surely be renewed during next year’s ski trip.

*The “climber” starts from a position usually known as piggyback posture on the “climbed individual” (CI). He or she then crawls around the CI along a sagittal plane to come back to the initial position without help from the floor nor the CI.

– Mathis Messager, U2