Meet the Profs Wine & Cheese – November 16th 2012

On Thursday, November 16th, MESS hosted its second Meet the Profs/Wine and Cheese. Environment students filled ARTS 160 to listen to Professors Frederic Fabry, Christopher Barrington-Leigh, Nicolas Kosoy, Peter Brown, Katia Opalka, Brian Leung, Ismael Vaccaro, Marilyn Scott, Raja Sengupta, George McCourt, and Renee Sieber introduce themselves and presented their research and interests within two minutes. Students and professors had the opportunity to mingle over wine, cheese, grapes, and home-made hummus to discuss the work professors were doing in greater detail and get to know them better outside of the classroom.  There was a great turnout of both students and professors who participated in this event and helped contribute to building community within the MSE.

– Harriet Kim, U3

wine and cheese photo