Welcome Back BBQ – September 25, 2012

Lots of sunshine, beginning-of-year low-stress levels, some veggie burgers and portobello mushrooms thrown on the grill: what a good recipe for a successful BBQ with great people! On Tuesday, September 25th, a long line of people had formed by 11:30 am. MESS executives, running out of class, frantically began cutting vegetables, opening gas valves and unwrapping cheese slices from their over-wrapped packages. After a few minutes, everything was set up: a little table for the burgers and mushrooms to be served. Meanwhile, a line of environment students, professors and their friends was accumulating on the street, craving free food. The supply was slow – the grill was designed for a doll’s tea party – but had the nice effect of fostering mingling between groups, and with professors. After a while, resources became scarce so the executives ordered some pizzas to feed the remaining crowd. The power of free food was underestimated. After 40 minutes, the thick-crusted and fondant pizzas came in time for the slow ending of this great BBQ. Soon everybody went back to their classes and offices, a good meal in the belly and new friends on their minds.