MSE Talks – March 5, 2012

It was 4:17 pm (or thereabouts) on Monday, March 5th, when we, two humble environment students, walked into the St. Viateur bagel shop to pick up our order. We were greeted by the heavenly smell of fresh bagels (there’s no other way to describe it). Ten minutes later, loaded with bags upon bags of fresh bagels (144 to be exact), all carefully protected from the elements, we schlepped our way towards the closest Metro station. We carefully carried our precious baggage down into the depths of the Earth and back up again. By the time we arrived at Leacock, our arms were sore, our backs were tired, but we were victorious! The bagels had been delivered without a single casualty!

About 60 students gathered at 6:30 pm, eager to enjoy some free tea and coffee. Soon thereafter, Professors Eyad Atallah, Pete Parker and PhD student Graydon Sneider were each given a mere 15 minutes to speak about their academic backgrounds, travel and research experience. After the short but entertaining talks, the bagels were brought out (still fresh!) with cream cheese (of course!), and more refreshments, to accompany some excellent professor-student mingling.

We are very grateful to the professors who came out to share their stories and experiences with us and contributed to a very successful event!

Juliana Just Costa & Emily Coffey – U2 & U3

Juliana & Emily with the bagels!