Curling – March 4, 2012

Move over horse racing there’s a new sport of kings in town. It involves rocks, brooms, sliders, hoglines and of course the house. What is it you ask? If you answered curling, well you would be right on the button. On March 4th, the School of Environment teamed up with the Geography department to host the second annual Ecospiel. On the line was the coveted, 100% recycled Ecospiel trophy. Members from each department were put onto teams and given a quick lesson on how not to fall on their behinds. Unfortunately the price for victory in curling is paid in the form of bruises*. The game of curling requires a unique skill set; one does not simply place a rock in the house. The head of the team is the skip and they make all the crucial decisions. Throwing the rock requires hands of silk and a mind of steel; everything must be perfect. Last but not least are the sweepers. No where else in there an embodiment of all the hard hours you put into sweeping your family living room. In the end the MSE emerged victorious and the trophy resides in 3534 University for anyone who wishes to enjoy its gleam. On top of all this is the time-honored tradition where the winning team buys the losing team a drink. After a long day on the ice everyone can settle down with a pint by the hearth and talk about the rock that got away.

*The sport may not be as physically detrimental as I make it out to be.

– Aaron Eger, U1