Bar Night – November 18, 2011

The leaves have almost all fallen off the trees, the air is beginning to bite at your ears, and you don’t have to worry about studying for finals just yet. What better way to enjoy the mid November lull than a crisp draft down at Montreal’s homely Cock and Bull sports bar? That’s exactly what 50 or so Environment students did this past November 18th, 2011. The festivities started early at 7 o’clock when only the thirstiest of bar flies took their seats. After an hour the group had grown considerably as the lucky people sitting next to the tap doled out drinks to anyone with the something that resembled a Christmas tree on their hand (Only 10$ for this fine piece of artistry and drinks for the entire evening). As more and more people arrived more tables were swallowed up and soon a large section of the bar was under control of environment students and friends. Large chains of flip cup were enacted, domain differences were swapped, and quite possibly some faces to go with forgotten names were added to our memories. The night died down around 1am as many a satisfied customer rushed off to the last metro or moved on elsewhere. As we stepped out the door back to our different lives, the cold air seemed to have lost some of its bite.

– Aaron Eger, U1