Camping Trip – September 23-25, 2011

It was a beautiful late summer weekend, the kind that reminds you why you’re studying the environment in the first place. On the evening of Friday September 23, 2011, 40 MSE students boarded a bus or hopped on their bikes and made the journey to the conveniently located McGill Outdoor Club (MOC) house in Prevost. The house is located on the fringe of the small town and has everything you could ask for in accommodations. A ten-minute walk in either direction will lead you to a glorious swimming spot along the river or to the foothills of an extensive system of hiking trails.  Apart from the splendors of nature the trip had much more to offer. There were campfires, soccer games, plaid and rubiks cube parties, home cooked meals, late evenings, early mornings, lazy afternoons, beer pong, the awesome cousin of Scrabble named Bananagrams, quality soundtracks, and last but not least a dastardly challenging scavenger hunt. Tasks ranged from various planking positions, all the way up to Adam and Eve photos. Above all, the trip was made memorable by all the great people who came out for a glorious weekend away from the city. I could not imagine a better introduction into what is sure to be three amazing years in the environment program.

– Aaron Eger, U1